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Paycheck Protection Program, SBA Loans, and Rental Assistance for Mainers

SBA loans and the Paycheck protection program are funded again! If you missed out on the first round of funding, now is your chance to guarantee payroll for your employees and stay in business through this challenging world event.

ProsperityME has put together a handy document explaining the program and where Mainers can apply for these loans.

If you rent and cannot pay your April or May rent, assistance is available.

The MaineHousing COVID-19 Rent Relief Program is for renters who cannot afford to pay their rent due to circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic. The program is designed to provide a one time payment of up to $500, until the federal relief funds get to the individuals who need them.

You may qualify if you pay market rent and your current monthly income is less than:

  • $3,696 for an individual

  • $4,833 for a two person household

  • $5,971 for a three person household

  • $7,108 for a four or more person household

Please visit the Maine Housing Authority website for more information about this program and eligibility information.

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