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Program Updates: Spring 2022

Our program staff at ProsperityME has been very active in the community in the first quarter of 2022: Here are some of our unique and exciting partnerships and initiatives:

ProsperityME and the CA$H Coalition Partner to provide tax filing support:

ProsperityME joined the Greater Portland CA$H Coalition tax preparation efforts this year by offering a Taxation Workshop for the immigrant community. The workshop that walked folks through the online filing process, the various filing statuses, and the most common tax credits, concluding with with a Q&A session. In addition, ProsperityME assisted The Greater Portland CA$H Coalition on site at Sagamore Village in Portland, with ProsperityME Program Coordinator Bright Musuamba providing interpretation in French and Lingala.

Personal Finance for High School Students:

ProsperityME partnered with Deering High School to offer a 45 minute personal finance session to high school seniors. ProsperityME is always excited to speak with the youth; it’s never too early to talk about money!