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Embrace the "Spirit of Giving" this December! Donate to ProsperityME.

A classroom of smiling adults holding certificates of course completion. They are recent immigrants from central africa.  Posing in a group in front of an old-fashioned blackboard, they smile, wave and make peace signs at the camera to show pride in their accomplishment.
Basic Money Management Graduates - August 2019

For Genoby, an asylum-seeker from the DRC, it means the chance to pursue a career, to make money, and to give a country to his family. In June of 2019, Genoby arrived in Laredo, Texas. He then boarded a bus with hundreds of other central African asylum-seekers bound for Portland, Maine.

But what comes next for Genoby and his fellow asylum-seekers?

With help from ProsperityME, Genoby found an apartment in South Portland and is making plans for his future. He’s applying for a work visa, practicing his English, and improving his financial and computer literacy skills. However, the need for services for immigrants like Genoby is ongoing. 

For 11 years, ProsperityME has championed the economic empowerment of Maine’s immigrant community. THANK YOU for your past donations to our programs. Your investment in the immigrant community is substantial, received with gratitude, and has already made a difference in the lives of these new arrivals.

Can you give to ProsperityME this holiday season?

What your gift can provide to an asylum-seeker with big dreams:

  • $50 provides an individual financial coaching session for a SIT applicant

  • $100 covers one credit hour at a Maine community college

  • $175 supports a student in a five-session ProsperityME Financial Education course

  • $300 pays full tuition for one scholarship college course

THANK YOU for your investment in the immigrant community.  Your generosity can help us lead ALL of our students down the path to their OWN prosperity in 2020.

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