College Scholarships

Make College your reality! The PROSPER Scholarship can make it happen!

Having a college degree opens many more doors in America. There are federal programs to support immigrants who want to go to college but they don’t apply to asylum seekers.  


In partnership with Southern Maine Community College and Central Maine Community College, ProsperityME awards full-tuition scholarships - including books! - toward two-year associates degrees.  


To be eligible, candidates must: 

• Not be eligible for federal financial aid

• Be living in the state of Maine

• Sustain a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher

• Plan to enroll in a Maine college or university

• Demonstrate financial need

Photo of scholarship recipient. Mahdi is man in his 20's with brown skin and eyes.  He is sitting in a brightly lit coffee shop. His hands are folded on the table as he smiles at the camera.
Scholarship Recipients 2018.jpg

Congratulations to the 2021 Prosper Scholarship Recipients!

  • Vanusa de Paula Eliseu Chico    – Business Administration   – Angola

  • Narciso Miguel                            – Business Management     – Angola

  • Grace Muheto                             – Human Biology                 – Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Allan Monga                                ­– Nursing                             – Zambia

  • Ange Uwera Ndayisabye            ­– Nursing                             – Rwanda

  • Irineu Piula                                   – Political Science/ Law      – Angola

  • Kasongo Lea Yere ­                      – Business                            – Ivory Coast

  • Jacquelina Silulundi Leonardo  ­– Finance/Business             – Angola

  • Aimable Nkurunziza ­                  – Electrical Engineering      – Rwanda

Can YOU can help send another group of high-achieving asylum seekers to college in 2022? Your tax-deductible donation will go DIRECTLY to the students. The PROSPER scholarship covers all educational fees — including tuition and books — for two years. Invest in an immigrant student's education, and make an investment in the future of Maine!