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Industry Leaders Found Network to Financially Empower Maine Immigrants

ProsperityME: The Center for Financial Education is pleased to announce a new partnership program bringing together Maine’s financial services industry in support of the immigrant community.

The Maine Immigrants Prosperity Network, or MIPN, is a network designed to help members better connect with the immigrant community and play a more active role in helping many low-income people across the state improve their overall economic well-being. Members of the network will contribute to ProsperityME’s financial education and counseling programming through membership dues and by meeting semiannually to address the barriers to full economic integration that many immigrants face.

“We recognize that New Mainers are a critical part of the future workforce and fabric of our communities” said Jeanne Hulit, President of Maine Community Bank. Maine Community Bank formed as the result of a merger between Biddeford Savings and Mechanics Savings Banks. “We want to be partners in their success.”