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How YOU can help Maine's asylum-seekers

Two black men smile at the camera. They are standing in an a crowded, open gymnasium, behind them volunteers of many races and cultures serve a homecooked meal to families and children seeking asylum
Claude helping out at the Portland Expo in June 2019

Last week, over 200 asylum-seekers arrived in Portland and many have asked us what they can do to help. We want to thank everyone in the community who has come out in support of the families seeking respite in our city. We have said many times that Portland is a city of “welcome,” and Portland citizens have proven this to be true. Thank you.

Our Executive Director, Claude Rwaganje, has been very personally active in support of the recent arrivals and, in tandem with the Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition, (MIRC) we are working on a long-term solution. In the meantime, the most urgent need is money. Please help support our newest neighbors as they get settled by making a charitable donation directly to ProsperityME. Our programs are designed specifically to help New Mainers overcome barriers in housing, education, and financial stability. Many of our volunteers and staff members have been asylum-seekers themselves and understand intimately what these new arrivals are going through. We can approach the situation though a unique lens of empathy.

MIRC has started a special fund specifically to fundraise for the families currently staying at the Portland Expo. You can donate though the link below. As part of our partnership with MIRC, we will be happy to split or pass on a donation to MIRC though our own donation portal at your request.

In addition, we also ask that you please consider donating to one of the immigrant-focused organizations below. The recent asylum seekers will have a multitude of social service needs over the next several months and we are doing everything we can to ensure we can support them though the transition.

All our gratitude

– The Board and Staff of ProsperityME


Immigrant organizations:

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