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First member meeting of Maine Immigrants Prosperity Network!

Inaugural members of the Maine Immigrants Prosperity Network met for the first time on Tuesday, February 25. Our roundtable discussion centered on how we could work together to help immigrants and their families achieve financial security. How do we work together to remove barriers to savings and loans, help build credit, and help immigrants invest in their future? How do we work together to make the financial services industry accessible to those looking to start a business, buy a home, or save for retirement?

We believe that immigrants are valuable and wanted members of Maine communities. EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to access prosperity! We know that when we open doors of opportunity for immigrants, we are opening that door for ALL Mainers. We’re excited to meet again in March and start working on this shared mission.

Thank you to Acadia Insurance, Bath Savings Institution, Biddeford and Mechanics Savings Banks as divisions of Maine Community Bank, Great Diamond Partners, Gorham Savings Bank, the Maine Credit Union League and Win Financial Strategy for becoming inaugural members of the network!

If you are a financial services professional and want to join us in our mission, reach out to our Executive Director, Claude Rwaganje for membership information.

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