Don't let COVID-19 get between you and your financial goals! ProsperityME is offering our life-changing financial literacy coursework ONLINE starting in June 2020. Our five-week foundational financial literacy course will teach you how to create a budget, save money, and build a solid financial future for you and your family. 

Basic Money Management 2020


BMM06: June 10 - July 8

BMM07: September 10 - October 8

Gain a better understanding of your finances! In Basic Money Management, you will learn:

  • How to set financial goals

  • The basics and importance of banking

  • The importance of budgeting and saving

  • How to build and manage your credit

  • The basics of a credit report and your credit score​


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Saving to Build Wealth 2020



Take your financial knowledge to the next level! In Saving to Build Wealth you will learn:


  • How to apply for a home or car loan

  • What "interest" is and why your interest rate matters

  • How to open an education savings fund for you or your children

  • How to save for retirement with an IRA or 401K

  • Basic investment principles to build long-term wealth


A certificate in Basic Money Management is required to take this class. 


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How to be a Successful Tenant 2020



HGT2001: January 8, 2020*

HGT2002: February 5, 2020

HGT2003: March 4, 2020

HGT2004: September 9, 2020

HGT2005: September 16, 2020

HGT2006: September 23, 2020



HGT2007: September 30, 2020

HGT2008: October 7, 2020

HGT2009: TBD

HGT2010: ​TBD

HGT2011: TBD

HGT2012: TBD


We'll teach you how a lease works, why you need a security deposit, and how to communicate important issues with your landlord. Learn all about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in Maine. Translations are available in French and Portuguese.


This class is required to participate in the Supporting Immigrant Tenant's program

How to register: 


  • Download the below registration form and Client Disclosure.

  • Email the completed forms to ProsperityME.

  • Download ZOOM to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Add the ZOOM meeting invite to your calendar and join us for class!


Register with the form below to reserve your spot in one of our classes!


In-person Classes

Online Classes

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