ProsperityME offers four paths to financial stability – each one is important to building a happy, rewarding future. 

Basic Money Management:
Financial stability begins here.
Saving to Build Wealth:
Makes good money management
clear and simple. 
Charting Your Course:
ProsperityME has partnered with In Her Presence to help immigrant women build the skills and self-confidence they needs to achieve their dreams. 
Individual Financial Counseling:
Get one-on-one help with a loan application, taxes or financial problem.


In-person Classes

Online Classes

Founded in 2008, ProsperityME is a growing 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Portland, Maine. ProsperityME offers financial services, including financial literacy courses, one-on-one financial counseling and coaching, counseling for higher education, small business support, and partnering with other organizations in the area of workforce development. Our services are open to all refugees, immigrants, asylees, and low-income individuals in Greater Portland and Lewiston/Auburn, Maine.

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