Charting Your Course - Womens' Economic Empowerment

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Immigrant women are one of the most economically marginalized groups in Maine. ProsperityME and In Her Presence have partnered to help immigrant women reclaim their value and chase their dreams. "Charting Your Course" is a unique two-part program designed to help immigrant women reclaim their sense of self-value and define pathways to achieve economic and professional success. 

In "Charting Your Course," participants will:

  • Build self-esteem and self-value

  • Support and learn from fellow participants

  • Identify unique talents and skills

  • Choose a pathway to personal success

  • Acquire needed financial skills

  • Set and achieve SMART goals

The second session of "Charting Your Course" will launch in the Fall of 2021 and we will begin recruiting participants in the summer of 2021. 

Questions? Contact our Program Director, Joanna Caouette or our partner Claudette at In Her Presence.