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"I will never say enough how those programs have impacted my life. Just imagine living in one country for over 30 years and then – all of a sudden – you move to a totally new country where things are done so differently. You’re just lost, you know? ProsperityME … understand[s] the challenges that immigrants are going through and provide[s] resources [and] support so that they can thrive in this new life”
- Roseline Souebele, 2022 Prosper Scholarship Recipient


Imagine yourself in your mid-thirties. A professional with a thriving career, a family, and hope for the future. Then something happens – something unexpected and dangerous. You have to make a choice: You risk your life and stay where you are, or you can start over in another country – an ocean away – where you don’t speak the language or know anyone.


Roseline Soubele was forced to make that choice in 2019, when she left The Republic of the Congo for a new start in America. Roseline was living in transitional housing and unsure of her next steps when she first encountered ProsperityME. Then things started to change for the better.

Pictured Left: Roseline Soubele at the 2022 Community Block Party

We need your support to continue to offer these life-changing programs to Roseline and other members of Maine’s immigrant community. In August 2022 ALONE over 1,000 people came to our Portland office for assistance – a number THREE times the number of people we served in either 2020, 2019 or 2018!

“I will 100% recommend ProsperityME and all its services to the entire state … so, please, make this possible for ProsperityME to provide the trainings to as many people as possible … Because if we know how to manage, then we can build business and then also support other people.  So please keep on supporting ProsperityME and – those who are not donors yet, this is the time! Do not waste one more minute! Please come and you will be blessed.” 

We make it easy to give. Please call us if you have questions - 207-797-7890. We’d love to hear from you and personally thank you for your generosity, and as Roseline says, "Be Blessed!"

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Giving Opportunties

“I went through a training called “How to be a Good Tenant.” That’s when –for the first time – I met the team at ProspertyME.  And then I had [the opportunity] to go through all the trainings, including financial literacy, and now I am a scholarship recipient, and I am so grateful.”

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