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"ALL the skills I learned through ProsperityME have helped me reach this specific goal. Thanks to ProsperityME, I am actively building a legacy for myself and my family.” - Bright Lukusa Musuamba

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Pictured above left: Bright and her Mother at the 2021 Community Block Party. Right: Bright, her Mother and Brother smile for the camera in the backyard of their Lewiston home, purchased in the summer of 2021. 

What does it take for an immigrant to truly flourish? Starting one’s life over in a new country requires tremendous faith and courage, but why do some newcomers struggle where others succeed? 

The difference is seeds of knowledge and opportunities to grow.

We plant seeds of knowledge in our Financial Education classroom programs. Classes that our Program Coordinator, Bright Lukusa Musuamba, took with her mother and brother in 2017.


Basic Money Management became Bright's first opportunity to grow. Bright learned not only how to budget and build her credit score, but she also absorbed an entirely new mindset around money. “Having taken the class, I know just how much it contributed to where I am now.  Equipped with the knowledge I gained, I went back for one-on-one counseling with questions … I became an informed resident and consumer instead of following the crowds.”


The seeds of that knowledge finally bloomed in 2021 when Bright’s family purchased their first home, a tangible manifestation of the American dream.

Will YOU help create opportunity for an immigrant family?

Will YOU create the opportunity for an immigrant to purchase a home, start a business or send their child to college? A financial gift to ProsperityME represents a real opportunity to flourish for each one of our students.  We can think of nothing better to give this holiday season.


We make it easy to give. Please call us if you have questions - 207-797-7890. We’d love to hear from you and personally thank you for your generosity.

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